Limerick PhD students to share stories of change

Sandrine Uwase Ndahiro. Photo: Lizzie Downes.

TWO outstanding Limerick students are to embark on a nationwide tour of Irish universities to share important stories of change.

Sandrine Uwase Ndahiro and Mamobo Oguro, both PhD students at University of Limerick (UL), were chosen to take part in the ‘Stories of Change’ exhibition, which will see them travel to 16 Irish universities to take part in the exhibition and share their work.

‘Stories of Change’, run as part of the STAND student festival, showcases the work of student changemakers in society and their efforts to impact change in their communities. The UL PhD students will join 18 others nominated from across the country.

Rwandese-Irish PhD student Sandrine Uwase Ndahiro is working towards her docterate in UL’s English department and is co-founder of the Unapologetic magazine.

Unapologetic as a publication attempts to provide space for diverse voices and experiences in cultural and literary life, providing a platform for people of minority backgrounds to have their work seen while highlighting social issues experienced in contemporary Ireland.

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Sandrine says her main goal is to make sure everyone’s voice is heard, especially those who are usually ignored.

Unapologetic as about creating a medium that showcases the cultural richness of the multiple heritages that define contemporary Ireland but are unrepresented in modern discussion. We are unapologetically centralising marginalised voices.”

Mamobo Oguro, who was born in Nigeria and raised in Wexford, is pursuing a PhD in Social Psychology. She was named as the first Sancturary PhD Fellow at the University of Limerick.

Founder of Gorm Media, a start-up social enterprise with the goal blending social psychology and creative media to promote belonging in marginalised communities, Mamobo says her “wish is for people to actively break down echo chambers, to be open to difficult conversations, and to question why you think the way you do”.

Her dedication to promoting inclusivity has garnered recognition from organisations like the Arts Council and Screen Ireland with the success of Gorm Media’s ‘Wide Shot’ program, which facilitated intercultural exchange and dialogue.

The pair’s work will be unveiled at the ‘Stories of Change’ exhibition at Dublin’s Digital Hub on September 6 before the STAND festival comes to Limerick in February 2024.