Hyde Road Active Travel Project proves a huge boon for city transport

The Hyde Road Active Travel project has been completed.

LIMERICK Cycling Campaign has welcomed the completion of the Hyde Road Active Travel project that has provided a number of safety upgrades for pedestrians and cyclists in the area.

According to David Tobin of Limerick Cycling Campaign, work undertaken by Limerick Council’s Active Travel Team has helped transform the road from one plagued by dangerous driving speeds, as well as many collisions and road deaths, into a street that provides safe routes for people travelling by every mode.

“The changes made to Hyde Road have provided significant space for vulnerable road users, such as pedestrians and cyclists, while retaining space for buses and cars,” Mr Tobin said.

“The narrowing of the carriageway has reduced speeds on the road closer to the posted limits. We’re currently seeing record increases in deaths and serious injuries on our roads. The changes made on Hyde Road will undoubtedly save lives. We are also seeing high uptake by pedestrians and cyclists on the route even before it was fully completed.”

Mr Tobin continued: “Morning and evening rush hours and school trips have shown a significant increase. Its key location as a link to Colbert Station is facilitating multi-modal trips and allowing those commuting to other cities for work a safe route. Providing this infrastructure and allowing people the choice of how they move around our city is already reaping significant rewards.”

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The completion of the Hyde Road Active Travel project also brings the cycle network on the south and western sides of the city closer to completion. Limerick Cycling Campaign considers it an important connector that brings people cycling from these areas into the city centre to support our retailers.

“Once the missing jigsaw piece on the Children Road from Punches Cross to Roxboro Shopping Centre is completed, we have a continuous primary cycle route all the way out to UL and the Castletroy Industrial Estate, providing easier access to education and jobs for people living in this area,” Mr Tobin added.

The urgent need to address safety on Hyde Road came following the tragic death of Analog Devices employee Saad Al Werfally in 2020. Limerick Cycling Campaign now hopes that the installation of safer infrastructure will help avoid any future tragedies.

Fine Gael councillor Sarah Kiely also welcomed the Hyde Road Active Travel works, deeming them “transformative” for the area.

“Speaking to residents in the area recently, they say speed has reduced and this is to be welcomed. Taking into account the disruption it has caused, it must be said that it is and will be worth it. That is not only my opinion but the opinion of the majority of the residents,” Cllr Kiely insisted.

“Too many lives have been lost on this road and the residents have been the first responders on so many occasions. The distressing scenes of an accident will now hopefully be at an end. This definitely leaves a mark.”