Eircodes proposed for Limerick parks and playgrounds to aid emergency calls

The People's Park in Limerick City Centre.

IT was proposed in council chambers this week that a sign with an Eircode be put up at all parks, playgrounds, and public amenities in the local authority’s charge to make them more easily locatable by the public.

Making the call at Monday’s Metropolitan District meeting, Fine Gael councillor Sarah Kiely said she was doing so on the request of parents and park users.

Cllr Kiely explained that one local resident had raised the issue that, in an emergency situation, having the Eircode for a public area immediately accessible is vital when making calls to 999 or 112.

“This should not take a lot of money or time, it is a simple ask and I’m hopeful that I get support on this,” she said, adding that signs currently exist on a number of public parks and amenities so a small additional sign to show the area’s Eircode would be a small task.

“I do understand that Eircodes are assigned to buildings so the nearest building would be sufficient I assume,” she suggested.

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The City East representative went onto say that an incident in the Market’s Field last Sunday was a perfect example of the need for Eircodes.

“Thankfully the Eircode was displayed and the incident which occurred wasn’t too serious. The person who needed assistance is okay, according to his family,” Cllr Kiely said.

“Usually when something happens, the panic kicks in. It is difficult to know what to do but ringing the emergency services can be made easier by having the Eircode displayed.

“It shouldn’t cost much at all and is a simple easy fix. We need to use common sense here and just add the Eircode to existing signage.”

The motion was seconded by Green Party councillor Seán Hartigan.

In response, Senior Engineer Aidan Finn said that the Council will consider the provision of an Eircode for the various amenities

He added that consideration needs to be given to the fact that an address is required for an Eircode, which may not be possible in some locations.

“Limerick City and County Council will need to consider this proposal and consult with the emergency services to see how this proposal can be progressed,” he concluded.