Learning experience for Education Minister in Granville Park

Cllr Slattery and Minister Foley with Tina Buckley and her dog Harvey.

IT was a learning experience for Education Minister Norma Foley as she joined Fianna Fáil councillor Catherine Slattery canvassing in Limerick recently.

And according to Cllr Slattery, Minister Foley was warmly received on the doorsteps in Granville Park by residents.

“Granville Park is a lovely part of Limerick with lovely residents.  We knocked on doors and Norma was a natural at canvassing. From people to dogs, she charmed them all,” Cllr Slattery told the Limerick Post.

“Anyone we met stopped for a photo or a chat and any door we knocked on Norma was received with a warm welcome.  She chatted laughed and listened to what people had to say.  It was my first time canvassing with a minister, but she felt like a friend, very down to earth and very likeable.”

The City East representative said that they met one couple whose son knew Norma personally and they had a chat and were delighted that she called to see them.

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“In one house we knocked on, a golden labrador ran out to us and Norma rubbed him and chatted to his owner.  A man stopped in his car to say hello and Norma and I spoke and joked with him.

“At the end of the canvass, Minister Foley thanked me for letting her join in. She said it was a great area with great people and she could see that I got on well with the residents who lived in Granville Park.  I thanked her for joining me and hope we can do it again.”