Traffic calming measures urged for Edward Street

An accident on Edward Street on Monday saw the road blocked off.

THE call has gone out to Gardaí to enforce the three-tonne weight restriction on Edward Street in Limerick City to stop the number of buses and heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) using the narrow street.

Labour councillor Joe Leddin urged law enforcement to take action after an accident on Monday morning (October 2) at the Rosbrien end of the route, which saw the road blocked off to traffic.

“This issue has been ongoing for many years with bus drivers using the street to avoid the city centre and O’Connell Avenue. Many residents now living along Edward Street are alarmed at the speed of these buses, especially the intercity buses, while there has also been an increase in the number of HGVs also now using the street,” he told the Limerick Post.

Enforcement of the three-tonne weight restriction, except for deliveries like oil and bin collections, Cllr Leddin insists, is a matter for the Gardaí. He has now called on the Chief Superintendent for routine inspections to be undertaken.

“I have also requested that the Council write to Bus Éireann and all private bus operators to inform them of the weight restriction on the street.

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“Unfortunately, if we do not reduce the volumes of traffic, and in particular the high numbers of heavy good vehicles, we will continue to see accidents occurring more frequently,” he added.

Residents along the the route, between Edward Street and Rosbrien, have expressed concerns over buses and HGVs using the narrow street road on a daily basis.

“This stretch of road has become a rat run for large buses and lorries who are trying to avoid the traffic inbound on O’Connell Avenue, not only that but the speed at which these huge vehicles are travelling is actually quite frightening when walking along the footpath,” local resident William Duffy said.

“It is not just the large vehicles, there is also an issue with cars speeding up and down the road both inbound and outbound of the city.”

Mr Duffy also pointed out that there are a lot of houses close to the road along this stretch between the People’s Park and Punches Cross.

“Some houses are actually just a footpath width away from the road.  It is an extremely long and busy road and if the current situation continues I feel that it will be only a matter of time before someone is killed on the road. My own eight-year-old son almost became a casualty about a month ago,” he concluded.