Court hears former All-Ireland hurler has 200 previous convictions

Judge Patricia Harney

A FORMER hurler and holder of an All-Ireland medal, who was found asleep in the middle of the street in Bruree and arrested, appeared before a Limerick Court this week.

Sean Fahy (64) of Barnaderg, Tuam, Galway, pleaded guilty to an offence under the Public Order Act in Kilmallock District Court.

Inspector Gearoid Thompson told Judge Patricia Harney that Mr Fahy had more than 200 previous convictions, many of them for offences under the Public Order Act and 60 for for various theft-related offences.

The former Galway hurler, who won an All-Ireland medal in 1989, was left devastated in 2009 after his thumb was sliced by an attacker’s knife, tearing his tendons, with doctors having to insert a pin to help it heal.

Judge Harney was told that Mr Fahy is currently serving a prison sentence of 18 months, due to expire in February, as a result of a number of previous offences.

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The court heard that when he was found in the street, Mr Fahy was wearing a hospital armband, having recently been discharged.

Judge Harney was told that in his time in prison he was an exemplary inmate and was trusted with working in the kitchen.

It is his intent to do an alcohol detox course in Cuan Mhuire upon his release.

Judge Harney said that it seemed Mr Fahy “is a perfectly nice fella when he isn’t drinking”.

“There’s nothing I can do to Mr Fahy that he hasn’t done to himself. He’s very lucky to be alive, but he’ll be found dead in a ditch if he doesn’t do something.”

After hearing that any fresh criminal conviction could cause Mr Fahy to have other suspended sentences brought down on his head, Judge Harney imposed the Probation Act.