Champion fighter Reeves is Limerick’s Survivor

Limerick fighting legend Lee Reeves will take part in Survivor UK, starting this weekend.

PRIZED professional fighter Lee Reeves (27), of Kennedy Park stock, will appear in the new season of Survivor UK, starting this Saturday on BBC One at 8.25pm. The local fighting hero will compete against 18 contestants for the ultimate prize of £100,000 (€115,000).

In an interview with the BBC, Reeves said: “I thought it was a great opportunity to test myself and let the world see me for whom I really am. Survivor shows people at their most vulnerable selves and I was excited for the Irish and British public to see me as my true authentic self.”

“My plan was to just be myself and perform well in challenges, I felt like that’s where my strengths would lie. In terms of a proper strategy, I came in blind, as I haven’t seen the show before – I’m an idiot!”

“I loved pushing myself physically and mentally.”

A second episode of the show will air the following day, Sunday October 29, at the earlier time of 8pm.

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