NEW MUSIC: Waterdogs release debut single called ‘Stone Driver’

 LIMERICK alt-rockers Waterdogs have released their debut single called ‘Stone Driver’. The track has a grunge and blues rock feel, and is a quality opener from the quartet featuring Kat Casey on vocals, Aaron Griffin on guitar, Ciara Hayes on bass, and Eoghan Creedon on drums.

Lead guitarist and main lyricist for the four-piece, Aaron Griffin, said: “We’re incredibly excited to have our debut track out in the world. ‘Stone Driver’ is a track the whole band really loves performing, so we thought it would be a great introduction to us as a group. I think it highlights our best bits as a band.”

Griffin continues: “‘Stone Driver’ was written as a sort of ode to addiction – when you’re aware you have an alcohol dependency, but you’re really trying not to drink. The whole track, to me, encapsulates the problems Ireland has with alcohol, and how it’s not as easy to tear yourself away from it, especially when drinking is the only thing to do in so many parts of the country. I also wanted to make sure a bit of Limerick was in the track, hence the lyrics ‘I walk these bridges/two steps at a time’.”