Driver was ‘young, stupid, and a complete and utter thug’

Limerick District Court.

A JUDGE described a young man who pleaded guilty to five dangerous driving offences in one day as a “complete and utter thug”.

Judge Patricia Harney heard the case of a young driver who “led the Gardaí on a merry chase” in a BMW he was driving without insurance or tax.

The man cannot be named as he was also before the Limerick District Court on domestic violence matters.

There were also charges of criminal damage to the custody suite in Roxboro Gard Station, possession of cocaine, and failing to appear in court to face charges.

Having read a probation report on him, Judge Harney said the man had been offered a chance under the Restorative Justice scheme “and that turned out to be a complete joke. Everyone was bending over backwards to help him but all that did was give him time to engage in more dangerous matters. He’s out of control”.

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The young man’s solicitor told the court his client “does realise his drug taking has landed him in trouble. He is sorry”, adding that the man had no previous convictions.

The Judge remarked that the man’s mother had to seek a safety order.

“I understand that he’s young and stupid, but he’s also a complete and utter thug,” she said.

“Everyone has tried to help him and all he has done is failed to co-operate and given his mother a dog’s life.”

The Judge jailed the man for two months and four weeks, banned him from driving for four years, and fined him a total of €1,550 for the various offences facing him.