NEW MUSIC: Shafto’s new album is a homage to classic hip hop

RAPPER Shafto has realised a long term ambition to create an album of his work. The LP is called ‘Round and Round’ featuring collaborations with Damz Doherty, Molly O’Brien and many more. It brings together new raps with some previous releases. The track list flows through Shafto’s typical week starting out with Mornin’ Blues through to Pay Day on Thursday to Shots at the weekend.

He says, “after many many years of procrastination and doubt and over thinking and excitement, here it is! I was lucky enough to have loads of unreal artists on it.”

Shafto has been spitting verses for almost 20 years. Beginning as a producer/DJ with rapping duo JamNation, he went on to perform at many hip hop nights across Ireland. His style which pays homage to old school hip hop (Dr. Dre, Jurassic 5) with fresh lyrics continued when he returned to rapping as Shafto & Golden after taking time out to travel. Local, national and international radio has supported his work.


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