Limerick City offers ‘an unforgettable experience’ according to Best Kept Towns report

Members of Limerick City Tidy Towns Committee at Farmleigh House for Irelands Best Kept Towns Awards.

LIMERICK City is exciting and vibrant travel destination” and offers an “unforgettable experience”, according to the adjudicator of Ireland’s Best Kept Towns 2023.

The report is generally positive and notes the city centre’s “pleasant streetscapes” and “attractive shop fronts” while also commenting that “the overall presentation of the riverside is excellent between Thomond Bridge and Shannon Bridge.”

The report has been welcomed by Limerick City Tidy Towns (LCTT) who have had a successful year following receipt of a sixth bronze medal in the national Supervalu Tidy Towns competition with an increase of 14 points over last year’s mark.

They were also nominated in the Large Urban Centre category of the Ireland’s Best Kept Towns Awards.

Helen O’Donnell, LCTT chairperson, said that their volunteers are finally starting to see the results of 12 years of hard work.

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2023 has been a particularly pleasing year for us, as we are starting to finally see the fruits of our work over the past 12 years. We have seen a big increase in volunteers since we first started with a relatively small crew back in 2011, and now have a regular team who meet every Sunday morning all year round, as well as Wednesday evenings during summer months,” she said.

“We are a very diverse and enthusiastic group, who have formed strong connections with each other and a great pride in our city, whether on the street litter-picking, weeding, or behind the scenes preparing our application, maintaining our website and updating our social media.”

The Tidy Towns team were particularly pleased with the comments on the adjudicators reports for both competitions, particularly the Ireland’s Best Kept Towns2023 report, as it was clear that the adjudicator could see beyond the construction works which were happening during both of their visits in May.

No litter was noted in Limerick City Centre during adjudication days. This is commendable,” the report stated.

Given that one of the visits happened on a Sunday, a lot of the credit for this must go to our wonderful Sunday morning team, who deserve great praise for the work they do, week on week,” Helen concluded.