Your guide to besting Black Friday weekend

BLACK Friday is here! While people may think of Black Friday as a very US thing, there’s a huge focus on it on this side of the pond in recent years.

If you’re planning on splashing the cash and treating yourself while the sale is on, or you’re just getting a head start on the Christmas shopping, I’ve got a few tips for you to help snag the best bargains.

T’is the season
Black Friday lands always exactly one month before Christmas and while it may be tempting to get wrapped up in treating yourself, sometimes you have to look outward. Black Friday always sees great deals across fashion and beauty, so it’s a great idea to get the bulk of your Christmas shopping out of the way over the next few days. While you may want to be careful with clothing that your loved ones may not be able to return in a month’s time, gifts such as beauty items, electronics, and fragrances are great ideas that you’re bound to pick up a bargain on.

Shop around, shop local
Just because it’s Black Friday doesn’t mean we should forget about shopping around. While it may be tempting to get lured into the first deals we see online, there may be cheaper deals elsewhere – especially in your own back yard. Don’t let yourself get sucked into panic buying when you see a deal as you may not be getting the best deal you can. Not all retailers will have the same discounts available and, if they do, it may be a case that the same item is priced differently in different stores. There’s great savings to be made if you do your research, and your local retailers will really appreciate it coming up to Christmas too.

Plan ahead
It’s easy to get caught up in browsing entire websites or racks, picking out every piece that catches our eyes going into Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but having a plan is a much better way to shop. Have you got a work Christmas Party coming up? Dinner with friends over the holidays? Christmas Jumper night? New Year’s Eve Party? December and January are busy times for our social calendars, and for our bank accounts, so getting those outfits planned and bought in advance is a great way to make the best of those deals and discounts.

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Coupons and gift cards and vouchers, oh my
Do you have a voucher with €10 off? Are you eligible for a student discount? Maybe you’ve got a gift card lying around that you’ve been giving the side eye to for a few months now. Make sure to check if your vouchers or pre-existing offers are available alongside Black Friday deals to make sure you’re making the most of your savings. We’re all feeling that extra pinch this year, so there’s never been a better time to get thrifty.