ABBA Forever just in time for Christmas

Abba Forever

IT’S always party time when ABBA Forever are around, but when it’s the Christmas Show, then that’s a real excuse for a party! 

This happy, sing-a-long extravaganza celebrates with a loud fanfare as well as some stunning audio visuals of ABBA’s seminal moments!

It is the perfect way to start your Christmas celebrations so come along and join the biggest party in town!

This happy sing-a-long event is pure escapism. From Waterloo to Dancing Queen, expect a dazzling, fantastic performance from ABBA Forever including the most iconic hits Mamma Mia, S.O.S, Money, Money Money, The Winner Takes All, Gimme Gimme, Gimme and many more!

Get your glad rags on, brush up on the lyrics, don the dancing boots and enjoy your favourite ABBA hits. You’ll be rockin’ in the aisles!

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ABBA FOREVER plays at University Concert Hall this Friday December 1.