Every dog gets its day on new charity calendar

Darragh Bourke with his canine companions.

EVERY dog should have its day and a Limerick podcaster is ensuring that, throughout 2024 at least, dogs will have 365 of them in a charity calendar.

Darragh Bourke, producer of The Big Bark, a canine podcast broadcasting from Ballyneety in Limerick, has announced details of an annual charity fundraiser to help animal charities throughout Ireland.

Since the launch of The Big Bark podcast in 2019, close to €10,000 has been raised for animal charities including Limerick Animal Welfare, MADRA, SARDA, Dogs in Distress, Haven Rescue, and more.

This year, The Big Bark is again raising funds through the sale of its Charity calendar and a special December live broadcast, ‘All I Woof for Christmas’,  which will feature a bumper raffle.

The charities to benefit from this year’s broadcast are the DSPCA and the Haven Rescue.

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Over the past four years, The Big Bark has seen its following and listener numbers double. With an average of 8,000 to 10,000 listeners per episode, the show has attracted guests such as celebrity vet Pete Wedderburn, world renowned dog trainer Samantha Rawson of The Canine College, and Treaty Veterinary Clinic vets Dr Ashleigh Bugler and Dr Siobhan O’Neill.

“Following the success of the campaign in 2021 and 2022, we’re thrilled to launch the fundraising campaign of ‘The Big Bark – I Believe in Santa Paws’ campaign, with a focus on highlighting the work done by animal charities and centered on the ideals of hope and belief,” said Darragh.

The calendar is made up of a combination of images of dogs belonging to listeners of the podcast, in addition to dogs in the care of their charity partners and dogs who have previously been adopted from rescue centers across Ireland.

Dog owners can submit images of their precious pooches for inclusion in the calendar via the dedicated Christmas website where calendars and raffle tickets are also available to pre-order directly from The Big Bark (santapaws.thebigbark.ie).