Treat your feet this Christmas at Limerick Podiatry Centre

Get to know your feet at Limerick Podiatry Centre

Limerick Podiatry Centre offers a range of services, including Routine Care and Podiatry services, to address various foot-related concerns. The center’s primary focus is to provide personalized care that meets the individual needs of each patient. They believe in getting to know their patients on a personal level, allowing them to offer the best possible service.

During the initial consultation, the center’s professionals gather essential information about the patient, including their medical history. This thorough understanding of the patient’s health helps in devising a tailored treatment plan. In cases where necessary, the practitioners may conduct tests during the treatment process.
The center is staffed with both Podiatrists and Foot Health Practitioners who work collaboratively to deliver foot care services in a timely and professional manner. This diverse team ensures that patients receive comprehensive care, allowing them to remain active and continue enjoying the activities they love.
Conveniently located on the ground floor of Foot Solutions in Limerick City Centre, the center is easily accessible even for those with mobility issues. Patients can find parking options nearby on Denmark Street, Patrick Street, and in the nearby Arthurs Quay car park.
Overall, Limerick Podiatry Centre is dedicated to providing high-quality foot care services while prioritizing patient comfort and accessibility. Their expertise in addressing routine foot complaints, such as corns, calluses, hard skin, ingrown toenails, and thickened nails, ensures that patients receive the necessary care to maintain their foot health. To make an appointment, contact – 061-404942 or Book online at or call in to Limerick Podiatry on no. 2 O’Connell Street.