Limerick syndicate scoop huge lotto win just in time for Christmas

A LOCAL Lotto winner said that they had “the most valuable car in Limerick” after discovering their winning lotto ticket was left inside it.

The family syndicate from Ballyneety, who were in Lotto HQ last week to pick up their winnings of €500,000 from the EuroMillions Plus draw, said that they left the ticket in the car thinking nothing of it.

“You won’t believe it. I left a ticket worth half a million euro outside the house in an unlocked car. I had no idea we had won. For those few days, it was definitely the most valuable car in Limerick,” the father of the group said.

“We’d heard about the win in Limerick alright but once I heard where the winning ticket was sold, I made a dash for the car. I grabbed the ticket from the side of the car door and sure enough, there were five of the winning numbers all in a row. We’re absolutely blessed that the ticket was still there, I’m just glad to hand it in now and finally have the lottery cheque in my hand heading out the door,” he said.

The syndicate say they plan on putting the winnings towards mortgage payments and having a family Christmas celebration to remember.

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“We’re a large group so we won’t have much change left once we pay off our mortgages and other small loans that we have. We’ll enjoy the celebrations for sure and we’ll have a very nice Christmas together.

“More than the money itself, it’s been a very exciting couple of weeks and to have this experience with the entire family is priceless in itself,” added the Limerick father.