Morrissey: ‘I thought that day would never come’

Five-time All-Ireland hero Dan Morrissey recounted his best hurling memory for David Byrne’s new book. Photo: Eóin Noonan.

IN HIS own words, Dan Morrissey – now a five-time All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship medal winner – has described his most memorable moment on the pitch in a new book, citing Limerick’s breakthrough victory over Galway in the 2018 All-Ireland final at Croke Park as the ‘game of my life’.

Morrissey recants his story in David Byrne’s ‘Limerick Game of my Life’, available now in local bookstores.

“I thought that day would never come,” he writes.

“I had been to every All-Ireland final since 1999. My dad brought me to my very first one … I was only six. Cork against Kilkenny. Every year since then I remember going up to Croke Park for the final and watching the teams in the parade. I was lucky enough to see Limerick there in 2007, but to be playing for your own county on All-Ireland final day was probably a far-off dream.

“That day against Galway was just a mad feeling!

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“The game itself went by very quickly. I know we were in a good position at half time, and a few minutes to go when we got our third goal a part of your head was saying, ‘This is our day… we are going to win’.

“But Galway came back. When they brought it back to a point, people were thinking of the 1994 All-Ireland and was this another one that Limerick were going to throw away. That did cross my mind. I was thinking ‘we can’t lose this.’

“When that final whistle went it was just a mix of so many different emotions.

You just really don’t know what to do when the referee blows that whistle!”

Concludes Morrissey: “Even looking at videos today of the day after, when we came back to Limerick, still lifts the hair on the back of my neck, especially seeing the crowds and what it meant to everyone.”