Jigsaw asking for a hand in helping young people in distress at Christmas

Jigsaw Youth Mental Health Service

JIGSAW, the Limerick-based service which offers counselling and mental health support to young people, has launched an appeal for funding on foot of alarming recent findings.

Recent studies have shown Ireland to be Europe’s loneliest country, with more than a quarter of young adults affected.

Jigsaw is launching an urgent appeal asking the public to support its essential work. The charity provides mental health advice and support through both online and in-person services around the country to thousands of young people every year.

Mike Mansfield, director of communications at Jigsaw, said: “To date, Jigsaw have supported over 65,000 children and young adults in Ireland. And we’re making a real lasting impact. Those reaching out for our support leave our services feeling less anxious and more resilient.

“But still, despite our best efforts, many children and young adults feel desperately alone right now. And that’s why we’re asking for the public to support our urgent appeal and be the reason no child feels alone this Christmas.”

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Angie McLaughlin, Jigsaw regional clinical manager, added: “When there is such a focus on happiness, joy, and family, there can be a pressure to feel the same and it can bring into focus what you don’t have.”

“At Jigsaw, we often hear young people talk about how this time of year makes some young people feel things like sadness, anger, and anxiety.”

As part of the appeal, Jigsaw has put together some tips and advice from their team of clinicians and mental health experts to help young people navigate loneliness during the festive season, including being judicious with social media, not comparing one’s self with others, and getting outdoors as much as possible. A full breakdown of the organisation’s advice can be found on the its website.

To donate to Jigsaw’s Christmas appeal or find more information on its services, visit Jigsaw.ie/XmasAppeal