Free help for Christmas sadness and stress

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FREE Christmas support groups are being offered in Limerick for anyone who finds the holidays a difficult time to cope with.

Turn2Me, a national mental health charity, has launched free Christmas support groups for those struggling over the holidays.

The support groups cover issues including the Christmas blues, family issues, bereavement, and feeling alone.

The groups are funded by the HSE, are entirely anonymous, and are facilitated by a psychotherapist who will guide people through the difficulties they’re facing.

Any adult in Ireland can sign up for these services by creating an account on and clicking into the support group listings.

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“For many, Christmas is a time of joy, celebration, and togetherness, but for some, the festive season brings a multitude of challenges and difficulties, stirring emotions that aren’t always tied to the cheer and merriment typically associated with the holidays,” Fiona O’Malley, CEO of Turn2Me, said.

“Some people find the Christmas period difficult because of feelings of isolation or loneliness. This time of year, with its emphasis on family gatherings and social connections, can magnify the sense of being alone for those who may not have strong social support networks or who live far away from loved ones. This isolation can trigger feelings of sadness or exacerbate mental health issues like depression and anxiety.

“Financial strain is another prevalent issue during Christmas. The pressure to buy gifts, host gatherings, or participate in festivities can strain budgets already stretched thin. Financial difficulties can intensify stress and anxiety, leading to a sense of inadequacy or guilt for not being able to meet societal expectations around gift-giving and celebrations.”

Turn2Me is encouraging anyone who is struggling during the holidays to sign up for its free support groups which run over the Christmas period. All these services are available on the Turn2Me website.

Turn2Me is supported by the HSE’s National Office for Suicide Prevention to deliver counselling online. Turn2Me is a national mental health charity that was founded in 2009 by Oisin and Diarmuid Scollard, who tragically lost their brother Cormac to suicide in 2003.

Turn2Me has helped over 120,000 people since it was set up in 2009. It offers up to six free counselling sessions to adults living in Ireland. To sign up, go to