Council inspectors cracking down on illegal slurry and soiled water spreading

a river running through a lush green forest
Stock photo: Unsplash

LIMERICK City and Council Council has confirmed an increase in the number of active inspections taking place in an attempt to crack down on illegal slurry and soiled water spreading over the winter period.

This comes after a request from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to all local authorities that greater attention be paid to the issue of illegal slurry and soiled water spreading.

The EPA insisted that local councils take a more “proactive role” in preventing illegal spreading, rather than relying on complaints from the public which has been common practice up to this point.

It is an offence in Ireland to spread slurry between October 7 and January 24, and soiled water between December 10 and 31 this year.

According to Limerick City and County Council (LCCC), “inspectors are actively monitoring the situation on the ground to help ensure that unauthorised landspreading activities are not taking place.”

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“Where such activity is detected, the Council will be obliged to take appropriate action, which may result in legal proceedings and financial penalties being imposed on the offender.”

“Spreading slurry and soiled water out of season and under inappropriate conditions (such as when lands are waterlogged, frozen, or when heavy rainfall is forecast) poses a major threat to water quality and is unacceptable,” a spokesman for the Council said.

The Council is not currently aware of any specific increase in illegal spreading over the past weeks and months.

Those who wish to express concerns in relation to illegal spreading, or get more information on obligations, can contact LCCC on 061 556 000 (out of hours on 061 417 833).