The music of The Cranberries returns back to where it all began this Sunday

The Lizberries

THE Lizberries have played in Ireland on many occasions but they played their first show in Limerick just last January. It was a genuinely lovely show and a wonderful celebration of Dolores O’Riordan’s musical legacy.

The Lizberries will play Dolans Warehouse this Sunday January 14.

Formed in Milan, The Lizberries began life as an original act before developing the show that shares their love for the music of The Cranberries. 

The Lizberries are Cristina (vocals), Mattia (guitar), Stefano (bass) and Mauro (drums). The four-piece came together writing their own music and playing covers. The covers of songs by The Cranberries resonated with their audience.

“We played our own unreleased songs and covers under the name of The Lizards but the Cranberries covers came out particularly well. 

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“We liked them and the singer’s voice resembled Dolores’ voice. We found many Cranberries fans who enjoyed listening to their favourite music live!”

With a ready audience of tens of thousands of fans of the Limerick band in Europe, The Lizberries were soon in demand at venues such as the Hard Rock Café, and at festivals beyond their own borders. From Romania to France and Croatia to the UK, The Lizberries have brought their electrifying and captivating show to festivals and clubs across the continent.

Limerick Post had a chat with the band this week.

What was your reaction to the show in Limerick last January?

“Last year before going on stage we were very excited: on the one hand it was the fulfilment of a dream, playing in the city, in the venue where the Cranberries performed, among their friends and loved ones, it was something unique! 

“On the other hand however, we were afraid of not being liked: we found ourselves in the very delicate position of playing the Cranberries’ songs right in front of those who know them, who knew Dolores. We didn’t want to give the impression that we were imitating or, even worse, enjoying someone else’s success. 

“We hoped that people would understand that our intent: getting on that stage was pure sharing of passion and emotions. And the people of Limerick were very understanding about it and extremely welcoming! 

“From the first notes they made us feel at ease on that important stage: they gave us warmth, participation and enormous emotion! They sang with us from start to finish, 

“It was what we hoped for! A fantastic alchemy was established, an exchange of energy, emotions, memories… It was something unforgettable, one of the most intense moments of our lives! 

“We knew that no concert would be so intense again, that in that moment we had reached the heart of what we were doing for a long time. We are extremely grateful to Limerick for the welcome they have given us and we can’t wait to return to that stage again to sing the Cranberries songs that we are all fond of.”

Did you get to see the city of Limerick?

“Last year we had very little time: we arrived in the afternoon, after a visit to Dolores that we had wanted for a long time;  then time to check into the hotel and we were already at the venue for the soundcheck. 

“The next morning we went to see the mural dedicated to Dolores but then we immediately had to leave for the evening concert in Navan. This year we will even have the return plane a few hours after the end of the concert, but we hope to arrive in the city early on Sunday, in the morning, to be able to visit it!

“We would also like to visit the Learning Hub School, for which the fundraising project ‘ItalialovesLimerick’ is still alive: born in memory of Dolores, this fund raising  gives more and more kids the opportunity to study music. 

“And last but not least, we still have a big dream to realise in Limerick, unfortunately we didn’t have the opportunity last year: to personally meet Noel, Fergal and Mike… who knows if we’ll be luckier this year!”

Any new things happened for the Lizberries since your last show here in Ireland?

“After we returned, first of all we were different: more aware, better at conveying emotions… perhaps because we had felt strong ones first!

“In Italy we had some interesting dates, including at the Hard Rock Cafè in Milan. But above all we brought the music of the Cranberries to countries where we had not been before such as Switzerland and Croatia.” 

“Now we also have a new project that will probably take place between 2024/2025 and will be a wonderful event to enhance the Cranberries’ music even more and keep it alive but it’s still early to reveal details, stay updated on our pages!”

The Lizberries will play Dolans Warehouse on Sunday January 14, 2024.