The top 10 construction jobs companies are hiring for in the West of Ireland in 2024 #sponsored content

The top 10 construction jobs companies are hiring for in the West of Ireland in 2024

From carpenters to quantity surveyors, there are plenty of opportunities in construction for 2024. The industry is expected to continue to make heavy demands on the Irish labour market in the year ahead.

Salaries in sought-after construction roles are also on the rise in 2024, with expected increases up to 15%, which is well above the inflationary 3%. Specialists in recruitment and relocation, NexVentur, has jobs open across the West of Ireland for the most sought-after roles in construction. These are the top 10 jobs construction companies are hiring for in 2024.

  1. Quantity surveyors

From graduates to highly experienced professionals, quantity surveyors are in high demand country wide. Some companies are offering graduates fresh out of university starting salaries in the region of €36,000 to €38,000 a year, with these increasing exponentially in line with years of experience to around €65,000 on average. A senior QS with relevant experience will earn around €90,000 in 2024. Projects on the go and in the pipeline include QS’s with civil, building mechanical and electrical experience.

  1. Site engineers

Engineering has recovered strongly in Ireland since the pandemic. Engineers Ireland predicted around 8,000 new jobs in the industry in 2023, however this growth was hampered by a lack of experienced engineers to fill all these roles. Engineers with three- to five-years’ experience are the most highly sought-after and can expect to earn salaries between €30,000 to €55,000 in 2024, which escalates to around €75,000 for a senior civil site engineer. Experience with civil and building projects is frequently requested by employers.

  1. Project engineers

The Irish government’s commitment to climate action change in Project Ireland 2040 requires a ready supply of talented engineers in all disciplines, not least project engineers. The 2024 salary range for these roles is between €50,000 and €75,000.

  1. Foreman

Demand for foremen is directly influenced by the dire need for residential housing construction, although other industries such as infrastructure and commercial construction are also vying for these workers. As an integral part of the construction process, the foreman oversees the on-site management of construction projects, supervising teams to ensure projects run smoothly and are completed within the set schedule. The average salary for foremen in 2024 will be €55,000 to €70,000.

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  1. Project managers

Project managers are critical to ensure the successful delivery of complex construction projects in both the public and private sectors. With demand comes highly competitive salaries and a PM can expect to earn between €68,000 to €85,000 and up to €100,000 a year at experienced senior level in 2024.

  1. Health and safety

Every construction site needs at least one health and safety advisor, ensuring these professionals are in the pound seat when it comes to picking and choosing jobs. Salaries vary depending on experience with an entry-level position offering around €30,000 while a senior health and safety manager could earn up to €70,000 per year in 2024, usually with a company vehicle provided.

  1. Carpenters

Residential construction is the fastest growing sector in the industry, which drives the need for both first-fix and second-fix workers. This tends to be seasonal, with first-fix installation of stud walls, roofing and other structural elements primarily outdoors. Specialist carpentry skills such as roofing and metal stud work is also in demand. Come wintertime, the work often moves indoors and there’s a rush on second-fix carpenters to finish off projects before the end of the year.

Carpenter wages are regulated, and minimum rate of pay is €21.40 per hour, until the annual increase on 5th August 2024.

  1. Estimators

White a quantity surveyor is out on site, estimators are office-based, calculating how much construction projects will cost, considering labour, material and equipment requirements. Salaries fall in line with those of quantity surveyors with juniors earning €36,000 to €38,000 and experienced estimators can expect around €65,000 a year in 2024.

  1. Contract managers

Good people skills, many years’ construction expertise and a knowledge of contracts are essential requirements of a contracts manager. Consequently, these are senior roles, with years’ of experience required. Typical pathways to this role are via project manager, quantity surveyor or estimator. Salaries are in line with experience: €60,000 at the lower end of the scale to €110,000.

  1. Plumbers

Reliable and skilled plumbers capable of producing quality work are like hens’ teeth in Ireland as they’re required for just about every construction project on the go. There is a specific need for commercial and industrial pipe fitters, plumbers, pipe welders and mechanical general operatives. This work is mostly on commercial and industrial construction sites right across Ireland. Wages will vary; however, the regulated minimum wage is €26.32 for a plumber with five years or more experience This will increase from 5th August 2024.

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