Election hopeful claims no fun and games in Caherdavin

Social Democrats councillor Elisa O'Donovan (right) with candidagtes Donnah Vuma and Shane Hickey-O'Mara.

A SOCIAL Democrats candidate for City North in the upcoming local elections, Shane Hickey O’Mara, has raised concerns over the lack of public amenities in Caherdavin for young people and families.

Residents, he says, have raised their annoyance with him on the doorsteps while out canvassing in the area.

“The community is full of young families but public amenities for them are sorely lacking. For example, the long-promised playground has yet to be delivered. One parent who grew up in the area stated that she has been waiting for a playground since she was a child herself and no progress has been made,” Mr Hickey O’Mara commented.

“The obvious location for a playground is Caherdavin Community Park, but when I walk my dog there all I can see is a community space with huge potential that has been forgotten.

“Residents do use it, you see parents pushing buggies and people walking their dogs, but just imagine what it would be like if Caherdavin Community Park had a playground, a dog run, and a pitch for kids to play on?”

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The local election hopeful went on to say that he was struck at a recent meeting in Caherdavin Community Centre by the sense of hopelessness among the long-serving volunteers.

“They own an acre behind the centre and wish to install new community allotments, but they can’t secure the necessary funding. They also intend making the building fully accessible to members of the community but likewise can’t afford to.”