Limerick councillor calls for ‘immediate action’ on declining Garda numbers

Limerick Labour Party councillor Joe Leddin.

CONCERNS have been raised locally over the declining number of Gardaí in Limerick.

Labour Party councillor Joe Leddin believes that the government, “particularly Fine Gael”, should be held accountable for the failure to recruit and retain Gardaí.

“We need immediate action. The party of law and order in Fine Gael is responsible for this collapse in Garda frontline numbers and they need to explain why the people of Ireland will be left with inadequate policing,” Cllr Leddin told the Limerick Post.

“Recent numbers show a further decrease in Garda numbers to 585, the lowest level in several years. Members of our community have raised this with me when I’m out knocking on doors and the issue of visible Garda policing is mentioned every day. Public perception of safety matters.

“A strong Garda presence is essential for instilling confidence in our town’s safety, supporting local businesses, and safeguarding all city workers. Government needs to rethink this approach and rethink it fast.”

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The Limerick City West representative has urged the government to act swiftly to reverse what he believes to be a trend.

“There must be an assessment of why we find ourselves in the position we do with these declining figures in the force. 164 resignations in 2023, compared with just 26 a decade ago. Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil can’t continue to haemorrhage members of the force in the manner in which they currently are,” Cllr Leddin claimed.

“We need more Gardaí to help tackle the increase in anti-social behaviour, home burglaries, and serious incidents of crime. The offer for new recruits must be improved,” he concluded.