Limerick candidate for Europe believes TV license should be scrapped

People Before Profit have named Cian Prendiville as their candidate for the European Elections.

PROMINENT Limerick anti-water charges campaigner, Cian Prendiville, believes the TV licence fee is now the “biggest boycott since the Irish Water fiasco” and called for the fee to be scrapped like the water charges.

“The majority of eligible homes are now refusing to pay the TV licence, according to the most recent figures,” he claimed.

“This is a deeply unjust, regressive tax, hitting ordinary workers hardest, while barely touching the wealthy,” he said.

“This massive grassroots boycott should now spell the end for the TV licence. It should be scrapped and instead we should tax the big media and social media giants to fund proper public service broadcasting.”

The former councillor is now the People Before Profit MEP candidate for Ireland South.

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