Lee seeks to deflect criticism off players

Limerick Senior Football manager Jimmy Lee. Photo: Brendan Moran.

LIMERICK senior football manager Jimmy Lee has pleaded with negative elements to direct criticism at him rather than the team.

He was speaking to Live 95FM in the wake of the weekend loss to Sligo at Mick Neville Park in Rathkeale, a result that moves Limerick very close to relegation from Division Three.

There has been a huge change of personnel since last season.

He explained: “You ask people to come in, they don’t want to come into Limerick football. I’ve heard of clubs giving out about the fact that we have X amount from Newcastle, X amount from Adare, but other club players won’t come in and you can’t get just them to commit to the county.”

Lee continued: “It’s fine for clubs to be critical of me, I don’t mind, but don’t be critical of the thirty-six that are on the panel, at least they’re giving up the time and commitment to be there.

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“You have the captain (Iain Corbett) who’s thirty-one, or going on thirty-one, he has a young child at home and he’s still coming out five nights a week. You’ve another lad who’s building a house, going to college, working and he’s still making time,” the football manager said.

He concluded: “It’s fine for lads to jump on social media and say they’re this, they’re that and they’re the whole lot, it’s fine. Be critical of me but don’t be critical of the lads is what I would say to them.”