Limerick received highest number of callouts for midges in 2023

Photo: Unsplash.

LIMERICK received the highest number of callouts to pest controllers for midges in 2023, it has been revealed.

Rentokil has released its callout data for 2023, that showed that rats, files, and midges were the top three pests in Ireland last year that homeowners contacted pest controllers over.

Midges can cause “nasty and itchy bites”, Rentokil said, which can lead to different reactions in humans, ranging from a small reddish welt to local allergic reactions.

Dr Colm Moore, area technical manager for Rentokil, said: “Throughout 2023, Rentokil has observed a significant increase in pest control service requests across the country, including in Limerick, where midges made up a significant volume of callout requests in 2023.”