Councillor demands council put its money where its mouth is for Castleconnell playground

Limerick Labour Party councillor Elena Secas.

LABOUR Party councillor Elena Secas has called on Limerick City and County Council to put its money where its mouth is.

In a motion at the last meeting of the Metropolitan District, Cllr Secas urged the council executive to cough up for the extension and upgrade of the Castleconnell playground.

“The upgrade and extension of Castleconnell playground is long overdue given the increase in the children population in the area,” the City East representative insisted.

“I welcome the commitment given to me that this is a priority project this year and I wish to ensure that funding is allocated towards it from the Development Contribution Scheme 2024, so that it can progress without delays.”

Minor works were carried out on the playground two years ago, but Cllr Secas pointed out that capital investment is required to upgrade and extend it.

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“Given its location on the banks of the River Shannon, this playground caters not only for the growing population of children in Castleconnell, but also for children coming with their parents from other parts of Limerick to enjoy the picturesque views of Castleconnell village.

“It will be unfair for the Castleconnell children if this project is not prioritised this year, given that the nearby playgrounds in Castletroy and Newport, as well as the more distant ones in Limerick City, offer high standard and improved outdoor facilities to the young children in those local communities.”

In response, Director of Services for Planning, Vincent Murray, explained that the council will consider development levies as a source of funding for the upgrade and expansion of Castleconnell playground in 2024.

“It is not clear the level of funding that can be provided from the 2024 contributions. It may be the case that the project will be funded over a period of one or two years. The council can consider this further once the projects that require funding from development levies have been finalised,” he added.