ICO to rebrand its community engagement programmes

03-05-2023 Irish Chamber Orchestra Youth Orchestra Le Chelie National School. Picture: Keith Wiseman

Experiencing classical music, lifelong journeys with music, inspiring audiences of all ages, learning new forms of expression, and strengthening communities – are some of the many opportunities offered by Irish Chamber Orchestra’s (ICO’s) Community Engagement programmes. Since 2008, this Limerick-based, national treasure has educated over 3,000 children and young people through musical engagement.  

ICO’s immersive Sing Out With Strings programme operates in 2 Primary and 5 Secondary schools* in Limerick City.  ICO Youth Orchestra (ICOYO) evolved naturally from Sing Out With Strings providing teenagers who wish to continue their orchestral studies with the platform to do so. 

In 2018, ICO also transitioned to online teaching, introducing a new innovative tutorial website SOWS Online which has enabled tutors and children access to free music, all over the world.

ICO are now rebranding the titles of three of its community engagement programmes. In consultation with relevant schools and funders, the new iterations are a clear statement of a branding revision campaign. Sing Out With Strings becomes ICO Schools, ICOYO becomes ICO Youth while SOWS Online becomes ICO Teach. 

“This clear and simple approach builds on the ethos of ICO, and these new brand changes validate our mission to make music accessible to all,” said ICO CEO, Gerard Keenan.

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Find out further information on ICO’s community engagement programmes on www.irishchamberorchestra.com