Election hopeful reminds Limerick that ‘everybody needs somebody’ sometimes

Local elections hopeful Esther Ahearne.

FIANNA Fáil Local Elections hopeful for City West, Esther Aherne, believes there is a need for everyone in Limerick to play a much greater role in caring for people in the community.

Speaking after a Cardiac First Responder course in Patrickswell, the health and safety consultant told the Limerick Post that she sees a need for people to further educate themselves in what to do when presented with a situation like cardiac arrest, heart attack, choking, or stroke.

Esther believes that everyone should have the ability to make a difference and be able to care for a person until the emergency services arrive.

“Having worked in a variety of sectors such as hospital settings, construction, manufacturing, hospitality, disability, and health and safety, I have had first-hand experience in dealing with medical emergencies. Because of this, I work extremely hard as a training consultant to ensure that my course participants are knowledgeable and fully equipped in the event of a medical emergency,” Ms Aherne explained.

“I value my community and especially our seniors and more vulnerable. I encourage others to look out for other people and be the one who reaches out as sometimes people are afraid to share how they are really feeling when they aren’t well,” she petitioned.

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“We as a community can make it the norm to show kindness, care, and empathy.”

The Local Elections candidate wants to encourage people to recognise that everyone will need someone’s help someday.

“Why not make the whole journey of life easier for others by ensuring as many people are trained in CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and AED (automated external defibrillator). You never know when you may need to help someone and even safe a life.”

“CPR and AEDs are the reason why people we love get to come home to us, and even when things don’t go to plan. We all take comfort in knowing that everyone tried their best to help that person in their hour of need.”