Limerick named best Irish city for low-cost staycation

Limerick City Centre.

LIMERICK has been named the top city in Ireland for a low-cost staycation.

The data, compiled by payments company SumUp, pointed to Limerick as the best city in Ireland for a budget-friendly staycation, beating out nearby cities Galway and Cork for the top spot.

The study included cost-related metrics like the price of a coffee, the price of a three-course meal for two people, as well as cultural amenities such as museums, galleries, and theatre spaces.

The data from SumUp showed that Limerick has the lowest average price of a cup of coffee in the country, coming in at €2.82, with the cost of an “expensive” three-course meal for two coming in at €59.86.

The study found that the average price of a pint of domestic beer in the Treaty was €5.05, while an imported beer would set people back €4.49.

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As regards safety, the city ranked in with an average score of 59.95 out of 100.

“Whilst the cities in our report are popular hotspots among tourists, we hope to shed insight on budget-friendly locations that can also provide memorable experiences that are rich in culture without breaking the bank.”

Galway ranked in second place, with the cheapest average three-course meal for two, coming in at €55.59, as well as the highest safety ranking (69 out of 100).

Cork took the number three spot, with the average individual meal costing €12, with a cup of coffee at a €3.09 average.