Under Cover of Night double bill at Belltable

A still from ‘Becoming Plant’, 2022, courtesy of Grace Ndiritu.

ORMSTON House and Belltable have come together to present a late night film double bill this Friday March 15. (9pm – midnight)

The event features ‘Becoming Plant’ by British-Kenyan artist Grace Ndiritu and ‘Expulsion’ by Irish artist Caoimhín Gaffney.

A brief introduction precedes each film, and there will be a DJ in the foyer playing music before, between, and after the films.

‘Under cover of night’ signifies conducting activities in darkness to evade detection by authority, an idiom rich with clandestine and revolutionary implications, echoing the essence of this program. 

In ‘Becoming Plant’ (2022), six dancers engage in a therapeutic experiment with psychedelics, cohabiting temporarily on a demilitarised industrial site. 

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The film serves as a springboard for discussions on broader societal and relational issues like science, spirituality, psychiatry, healing, healthcare, and the collective depression and trauma stemming from late capitalism.

A still from ‘Expulsion’, 2021, courtesy of Caoimh¡n Gaffney.

‘Expulsion’ (2021) chronicles the downfall of a fictional utopian Queer State, transitioning from a promised beacon of opposition to a dystopian bureaucracy. Interwoven are archival clips of queer activist Joan Jett Blakk, the alter ego of Terence Smith, who contested the US presidency in 1992.

Caoimhín Gaffney, an artist, filmmaker, and writer, captivates audiences globally with his multidisciplinary approach. With exhibitions spanning from London to Sapporo, Gaffney’s work resonates deeply, earning recognition at esteemed festivals and institutions. Their upcoming showcase at the Butler Gallery in 2024 promises further exploration into their compelling artistic vision.

British-Kenyan artist Grace Ndiritu explores the contemporary world’s metamorphosis through a diverse array of mediums. Her extensive portfolio encompasses ‘hand-crafted’ videos, textiles, photography, performances, paintings, and architectural installations. Recently, her profound exploration culminated in the acclaimed mid-career exhibition “Healing the Museum” at SMAK, Ghent in 2023. Ndiritu’s impactful creations have garnered attention in prestigious publications like Artforum, Art Review, and TIME Magazine, among others, solidifying her position in the art world.