Many Limerick families not claiming childcare entitlements

Children's Minister Roderic O'Gorman.

NEARLY 8,000 children in County Limerick receive childcare subsidies under the National Childcare Scheme. But many more are missing out on a scheme that can cut thousands off childcare bills.

And many parents don’t know that they can also avail of subsidies for extra care hours and even children’s camps.

That’s according to Children’s Minister Roderic O’Gorman, who called on Limerick parents using Tusla-registered childcare services to make sure they are getting their full entitlement to subsidies that could cut thousands off childcare bills each year.

7,908 families in County Limerick received subsidies towards the cost of their childcare under the National Childcare Scheme (NCS) in 2023, with more than €16million paid to early learning and childcare providers in the county.

“Parents who want to explore using a childcare provider for the first time can talk to their local county childcare committee,” Minister O’Gorman said.

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Currently, the minimum hourly subsidy is €1.40, increasing to €2.14 in September.  This will mean families using full time care will receive a minimum of €5,000 off their yearly bill per child.

Families can also receive an Income Assessed Award, which can be as high €12,000 per year for those using full-time care.

More information on subsidies and entitlements, as well as information on which childcare providers are registered for the National Childcare Scheme, can be found on

Additional information on how to apply, or who may need support in replying, can also contact the Limerick Childcare Committee on 061 600 918 or by email on [email protected].