Four Corners of Limerick Comedy Competition runs over the next four weeks

Comedian Stephen Ryan.

BASED, with regular gigs, in Katie Daly’s Bar and other pubs in the county, the Four Corners of Limerick Comedy Club is hosted by John Mulligan. The club features comedians from around Ireland and beyond onstage once a month. John also caters to comedians touring Ireland and recently hosted a Comedian Roast Battle in late 2023.
The club is hosting a Comedy Competition over the next four weeks. The show will feature 26 stand ups performing to a live audience and a panel of judges, so the pressure is on!
The competition will take place over four consecutive Thursdays, March 21, March 28, April 4 and April 11.

The late LesleyAnne Liddane

The Comedy Competition is being held in memory of the late LesleyAnne Liddane who was a tremendous supporter of the arts at her Chez le Fab cafe at Arthur’s Quay for many years.
Club runner John Mulligan told Limerick Post, “The comedy competition starting in March is in memory of LesleyAnne Liddane, who had Chez Le Fab. LesleyAnne and her partner Shay, who organised comedy gigs which were open to new and experienced comedians.”
Funds raised in this competition will go to charity, namely Haven Hub who provide mental health support and is based in Limerick and Ennis.
John adds, “There will be money raised for the Haven Hub as LesleyAnne was one of the founding members. I have received sponsorship for the event, 70% will go to the charity and 30% will go towards the prize money for the winning comedians. I will have a raffle for spot prizes that I received from businesses in Limerick and 100% of this money will go to the charity. (We would welcome any other offers of sponsorship or of spot prizes).”
The judging panel has been announced, It includes four comedians, Mick Peril who has been a comedian in Limerick for many years, Steven Ryan who is a headline comedian on the Irish local circuit and an actor, comedy magician Alex J. Byrne and Tim Charles, well known London based comedian.
Joining them is Shannon Riley, an influencer with a large following, Leona O’Callaghan of ‘Haven Hub’, Louise McInerney who runs ‘Limerick Social Diary’ and Miss LaVelle a burlesque performer.
There has always been a comedy club scene in the city to various degrees as it is usually down to a few hard working enthusiasts to keep the show on the road and the Four Corners of Limerick Comedy Club has had some successes along the way.

Club founder John Mulligan.

John concludes, “Four Corners of Limerick Comedy Club is the only place in Limerick where new comedians have a place to start, I run regular “Open Mic’s” and there are several new comedians that had their first opportunity to perform, who are now visiting clubs around Ireland, after getting a start at my club.”
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