LCCR Piano Nobile live podcast this Friday

Presenter Mark P. O’Connor welcomes a stellar lineup of guests, including Valerie O’Connor to The Piano Nobile of No. 2 Pery Square for a special Podcast recording.

THIS Good Friday March 29, LCCR presenter of ‘The Craic’ and well known Piani Luimní muso Mark P. O’Connor will host a live podcast at The People’s Museum of Limerick, No. 2 Pery Square from 7-9pm.

Mark has our together a stellar cast of guests for the two hours of “Chats, Choons, Prinks, Piano celebrating Spring in the air in the midst Georgian gorgeousness (Georgeousness if you will),” – Valerie O’Connor writer and cuisine ninja; Tom Prendergast – a deep dive on the ‘Bar None Records’ years; William O’Neill – fear a tí people’s museum speaks about the upcoming history festival; Mike O’Brien – live drawings, life tales and breeze shoots and Brian Hartnett – episode #1000 of his show ‘The other side of the tracks’ happens soon.

The new podcast recording takes place in the Piano Nobile (‘good room’) of No. 2 Pery Square which will be edited and broadcast on LCCR and on thereafter. 

Contact Mark at to attend and be a part of this event described as, “dashes of Norton, Tiernan, Kimmel and Colbert, mixed with essence of Winfrey.”