The PVP debut single evokes classic showgaze in an intergenerational tussle

Catch The PVP on tour on May 24 - Pharmacia, Limerick.

LIMERICK band The PVP (aka The Personal Vanity Project) is a 2021 lockdown project for producer, multi-instrumentalist Chris Quigley along with two other big hitters in Brendan McInerney (Bleeding Heart Pigeons) on drums and James Reidy (His Father’s Voice) on keyboards.

The trio have now released their debut single called ‘Callan’ along with a fine video directed by Graham Patterson. The song was recorded at Start Together, Belfast with Chris Ryan (Robocobra Quartet, Just Mustard) and is out now on PizzaPizza Records. Their eponymous debut album is set for release on May 25.

Callan is a strong opening track with a few nods to MBV and J Mascis, in other words, all the good stuff.

Catch The PVP on tour on May 23 – Crane Lane, Cork; May 24 – Pharmacia, Limerick; May 30 – Anseo, Dublin; June 1 – Kfest, Killorglin; and  June 7 – Toales, Dundalk.

Frontman Chris Quigley says: “Callan is about the misgivings older generations have about the younger, with the first verse being from the younger perspective and the second from the older. The perspectives feel a bit interchangeable – which is kind of the point. There’s a tendency to worry about little things, individual moments, when there’s probably bigger things to deal with. The chorus is first person nonsense. It’s muddled, agreeing to do something it had no intention of ever doing. Classic teenager.”

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“The song name comes from a lake by the village where I grew up, which was a common drinking spot for young people, especially the abandoned house. Legend has it the butler of the abandoned house went on a bender, neglecting to feed the dogs kept on the land. When he returned, he was devoured by the dogs.”

“We recorded this in Start Together and the guitar solo on record is one I immediately wrote off as my high e string broke, and I spent half the take unwrapping the broken string from around the others. When I came in to change my string and get ready for another, no one could see why.”

Recently tipped in The Thin Air’s Inbound, they’ve so far shared bills with the likes of Pretty Happy, Trá Pháidín, and Elaine Malone, and have performed at London’s Irish Cultural Centre. In 2023, they participated in the LARR V1: Project, a vinyl-exclusive compilation of live performances by notable Limerick artists, mastered at Abbey Road.

The PVP Album Tracklisting

  1. The Bus
  2. Callan
  3. Sodium Lamp
  4. Track 94
  5. Nananana
  6. Since You’ve Been Gone
  7. Off The Tracks
  8. Late Boomer
  9. Swimming