New music from folk singer Paul Dunworth

NEWCASTLE WEST folk singer/songwriter Paul Dunworth will release his new EP ‘The House of Donn’ on Friday April 5. The first track called ‘The Tenderloin’ is already available on and accompanied by a lyric video. 

Talking about the upcoming EP release, Paul explains, “Within Irish mythology ‘’Donn’’ is said to have been the God of the Dead who resided in Tech Duinn, The House of Donn or The House of the Dark One.  As a guardian of the dead Donn is depicted as overseeing the souls of the departed, ensuring their safe passage to the otherworld. This EP details darker elements of morbid fascination with tales of inner turmoil, addiction, regret, isolation and fear.”

The dark subject matter of the new song ‘The Tenderloin’, a tale of addiction and mental health issues while dreaming of a past life of love and happiness, is contrasted markedly by tasteful guitar playing and warm melodies.