Shannon Airport protesters demand end to all Irish co-operation with Israel

Protesters at Shannon Airport called for an end to Irish co-operation with Isreal.

A PROTEST against the ongoing conflict in Palestine was held in Shannon Airport this past weekend with the aim of highlighting the use of the airport by US military and a government it believes continues to support Israel despite a UN resolution calling for a ceasefire.

In a public display, protesters laid drawings on the floor inscribed with the names and ages of children who have been killed in Gaza.

The group said that “ordinary people like us are horrified at what is being done to the Palestinian people. We have demonstrated, lobbied, fundraised, protested, petitioned, and taken direct action in an attempt to convince those who represent us to take all the measures available to stop this genocide. This has not happened. Despite some strong rhetoric, we’ve seen little action.”

A statement from the protesters claimed that “it is unbelievable to us that, as we move further generations away from the catastrophic and avoidable famine that devastated our own population, that we see on our screens another people being deliberately subjected to the same catastrophe”.

“Right now we are watching war crimes being inflicted on the frail bodies of starving children by a powerful high tech military which is supported and armed by the US and acting with support, preferential trade agreements, weapons sales, and moral support being provided in abundance by the EU, of which we are part.

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“Israel is not doing this alone. Ireland is continuing to allow this civilian airport be used by the US military, even while it supports and enables an ongoing genocide against our Palestinian brothers and sisters.”

“We are here to call for an end to all and any forms of Irish support for the ongoing genocide,” the group said.

It called for “an immediate, permanent ceasefire in Gaza”, along with free access to and an international mobilisation of medical and humanitarian aid.