Fine Gael name candidate to contest Limerick mayoral elections

Cllr Daniel Butler

FINE Gael has selected its candidate to run for the historic position of Limerick’s first ever directly-elected mayor this coming June.

Sitting councillor and former mayor Daniel Butler has been chosen as the party’s candidate for the June 7 elections, having been formally selected at a convention held in Limerick Racecourse on Friday night (April 12).

Speaking to the Limerick Post ahead of the announcement, Cllr Butler said that, if elected, his priority will be the people of Limerick.

“We’ve been kind of serving policies, we’ve been serving departments, we haven’t been serving the people of Limerick well enough,” Cllr Butler said.

“It’s been a Dublin-centric policy a lot of the time, so it’s time to now fight hard for Limerick and ensure that the people of Limerick are served properly.”

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Having previously served as Mayor of Limerick City and County in 2021/2022, Cllr Butler says his past experience will stand to him and that he will be able to “hit the ground running” if elected.

“Others will take a bit more time to get going, but I can bring a guarantee that, with my knowledge and experience, I’ll be able to get into the role and take it on immediately, because we have a very short period to make this a success – not just in the role, but for Limerick,” the sitting City West councillor told the Limerick Post.

“The review from across the party at the end of my term was one that I was a very professional and very fair mayor,” Cllr Butler said.

“And so I think I’ve already proven it. I’ve proven I can be independent and impartial.”

Speaking in Limerick at Friday’s selection convention, newly-appointed Taoiseach and Fine Gael leader Simon Harris said that Cllr Butler “has been an exemplary public representative for Limerick”.

He knows what it’s like to be a mayor and now with the new powers that we in government have given, I’ve no doubt that he would be able to execute that office with great energy, great vigour, and great experience,” the Taoiseach said.

He is of Limerick, he works so hard for Limerick, he’s so committed and passionate about Limerick,” Mr Harris concluded.