‘Little warrior’ Noah Quish recovering after long-awaited scoliosis surgery

'Little warrior' recovering after surgery with his big sister Leah.

A YOUNG Limerick boy, whose lungs and heart were being crushed due to a massive curve on his spine, has come through the first of several major surgeries to correct his life-threatening condition.

Despite the successful first-phase surgery this past Monday (April 15), seven-year-old Noah Quish from Monaleen was battling a chest infection at Crumlin Children’s Hospital where he underwent surgery.

Noah’s surgery to place rods and screws in his spine to help straighten it was cancelled three times this year as no surgeon was available, despite his mother Una Quish writing to the hospital to say that “time is running out” for her son.

Ms Quish told the Limerick Post she was delighted Noah’s first scoliosis surgery, which he had been waiting a number of years for, had been a success.

The mother of two said Noah’s spine, which was curved by 100 degrees, had been straightened by fifty per cent during the surgery.

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“At least it is over, the surgeon got a 50 per cent correction, so he couldn’t have done better,” said Ms Quish.

“I don’t think he was expecting that, but Noah’s back looks straight now, it’s a very good start.”

Ms Quish said the road to Noah’s final scoliosis surgery will be long and painful one, with a number of follow ups needed regularly, but it will be worth the battle.

“They have put rods and screws into his spine and every six months they will have to lengthen them until he is about 13 or 14, up to when he stops growing, then they will fuse the spine,” she said.

“I’d say he will have a new lease of life now, he’ll be able to run around, I’d imagine he will feel so much better now and be in less pain.

“He was really suffering before he got the surgery done, so at least now he should feel a lot better.

“It’s going to take time, it’s looking like he has a bit of chest infection and we were trying to sit him up in his bed but he could only tolerate it for a few minutes, so we will try again today.”

Following Noah’s successful surgery, Ms Quish told her son’s followers on social media: “Our little warrior is out of surgery and doing well. Very sore and a long tough recovery but we got this.”

Posting a photo of Noah and his sister Leah, Ms Quish said “he kills her at home but she was the first person he wanted to see in recovery.”