Limerick ranked Europe’s tenth most sustainable city

Limerick Opera Festival will fill the city with the sounds of music this month.

LIMERICK is the 10th most sustainable city in Europe, according to a new survey.

The Treaty City ranked right in the middle of Europe’s top 20 most sustainable cities in a study by DiscoverCars.

According to the research, a growing number of tourists are citing sustainability concerns when booking their next getaway.

Edinburgh in Scotland was ranked Europe’s most sustainable city, followed by Zurich in Switzerland, Paris in France, Barcelona in Spain, and Rotterdam in the Netherlands making up the top five.

Limerick ranked 10th, behing Ghent in Belgium, Copenhagen in Denmark, and Turin in Italy.

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The least sustainable European city in the rankings was Olso in Norway, which came in 20th.

Porto (Portugal), Monte Carlo (Monaco), and Pamu in Estonia also ranked at the bottom of the table.

The rankings were decided based on factors such as the availability of electric vehicle charging points, the climate impact of travelling to each city, the number of vegan restaurants, and how many nature spots each city has.