Limerick residents call for council to go after bonfire tippers

Garryowen Residents Association Chairperson, John Nugent, and Sinn Fein TD Maurice Quinlivan taking a look at some previous damage done in Garryowen.

CALLS have been made by a city residents’ association leader for Limerick City and County Council to be proactive in catching fly-tippers red handed when they try to get rid of rubbish on traditional May Eve bonfires.

Garryowen Residents Association chairperson John Nugent told the Limerick Post that in recent years items including discarded concrete rubble, metal, and household rubbish have been dumped at bonfire sites late at night.

“This is an insult to the thousands of people that support and enjoy the annual Team Limerick Clean-Up in communities across our city,” Mr Nugent said.

“We believe Limerick City and County Council have a responsibility to be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to this illegal and damaging behaviour.

“There’s no reason why known blackspots cannot be patrolled by council staff with the support of the Gardaí,” he added.

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The firefighting service and the local authority’s environmental department have warned that not only is dumping household rubbish on bonfires illegal, it is also extremely hazardous.

Electrical goods when burned can give off toxic fumes and can in some cases explode, while other household items are also likely to release toxic gases and leave behind unslightly scorched steel skeletons.

Mr Nugent pointed out that that the council as”a steady revenue stream coming from property tax and parking spots in Garryowen, it can’t be a case of all take and no give”.

After bonfire night in Garryowen, residents have made a point of reseeding any scorched areas of grass.