Fate of former tourist office in Limerick City in hands of Arthur’s Quay Framework Plan

The former tourist office at Arthurs Quay

LIMERICK City and County Council was asked at this month’s Metropolitan District meeting why the former tourist office in Arthur’s Quay is being left to decay and become a complete eyesore.

Labour councillor Joe Leddin quizzed council management about its plans to demolish and clear the building.

The building was last in use as the former Chez le Fab café, a popular spot in the city, which closed in December 2018.

In response, Jayne Leahy, head of the council’s Property Management Services, explained that the future of the former tourist office building in Arthur’s Quay Park is currently under consideration as part of the wider Arthur’s Quay Framework Plan.

“The emerging options were presented recently in committee to the elected members of the Metropolitan District and are being developed in consultation with stakeholders with the objective of bringing forward a transformative plan for this key strategic area of the city centre,” Ms Leahy said.

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It is expected that the draft Arthur’s Quay Framework Plan, with a recommended option for the development of the overall study area, will be published for public consultation later on this summer.