Mayoral candidate makes €40m plans for Limerick

Fianna Fáil's mayoral candidate Dee Ryan.

FIANNA Fáil’s candidate in the upcoming and historic Limerick mayoral elections has announced that she plans to disperse the €40million in additional spending government has committed to the Mayor of Limerick over five years through a new ‘People and Communities Fund’.

Ms Ryan’s proposed fund would be open to sporting, groups, and community groups to fund one-off capital projects across the county.

“The Mayor of Limerick will receive €40million from government over five years to spend as they see fit. What I am announcing today is my plan to put this money to work to directly improve people’s lived experience right across Limerick,” Ms Ryan promised.

“Whether for playground facilities for a village, a clubhouse or pitch improvements for a sports club, a vehicle for meals on wheels, for tidy towns works, or for co-working spaces enabling remote work, my vision is to use this People and Communities Fund to improve facilities for families across the county.”

The mayoral candidate said that “the fund will be open annually for applications and will be demand-led. I will spend as much of my budget as possible to enable the people of Limerick complete one-off capital projects. I will use the mayor’s discretionary budget to improve facilities for people and families across the county.”

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Ms Ryan said that she was “struck” by the “variance in quality and availability of facilities for communities” as she visited towns and villages across the county.

“In addition to creating this fund, I plan to asset-map the facilities across the city and county in order to identify where the gaps are and where the need is. This will support decision making when it comes to awarding monies from the fund.”

“This money is for the people of Limerick and I want to give it out in a way that will improve peoples’ enjoyment and quality of life.”