Sinn Féin candidate local elections candidate calls for creativity in dealing with housing issue

Sinn Fein local elections hopeful Danielle O'Shea.

SINN Féin local elections hopeful Danielle O’Shea hit out at what she deems the government’s ongoing failure to provide safe, affordable housing for young people.

Ms O’Shea was speaking after the release of Limerick Chamber’s Rental Barometer, which showed City East had the highest average monthly rent in the county (€2,100 a month).

“For years young people have been unable to purchase homes due both to a lack of available properties and to skyrocketing prices. This has left us with two options — remain in the family home, if possible, or move into privately rented accommodation,” she told the Limerick Post.

Ms O’Shea says that there are a number of undiscussed issues for young renters.

“Young people often find themselves in the position where they must source new housemates, and increasingly find themselves turning to social media to do this. We should not be forced to bring total strangers into our homes to view them, nor should we need to move in with people we’ve only exchanged a handful of texts with. This is not a reasonable or a small ask, particularly for young women,” she said.

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“There are vacant properties all over the city and there is no reason why the government couldn’t convert them into cost-rental studio apartments,” she said.

“As usual, however, the political will just isn’t there with this government. Unfortunately, it seems that high rents and minimal supply suits them down to the ground, and so ordinary people are left to struggle.