Jean Weaver: Avant-pop with a subatomic pulse this Saturday

Jane Weaver

Jane Weaver’s journey as a fiercely independent and resilient female experimental songwriter/sound-carrier is nothing short of awe-inspiring. From her days as a teenage shoe-gazing Liverpudlian to her current status as a conceptual-pop maven, Weaver’s musical evolution has been a mesmerising exploration. 

She’s delved into realms as diverse as pocket punk, synth-pop, acid folk, indie-schmindie, dark-ambient drones, Hollywood soundtracks, and girl-group psych, cementing her status as a true sonic innovator.

Her new album Love In Constant Spectacle was released in April. The record evokes spectacular imagery and distils the artists’ vision in its purest form, elevating her inimitable sound and poetic vision to new heights.

With each deliberate stride, our protagonist guides us toward something truly remarkable, channelling every ounce of her creative energy before the first note hits. Beneath its surface, there’s a clandestine complexity to this endeavour, revealing itself as more conceptual than it initially appears.

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Talking about the title track of her new record, Weaver explains, “It’s about searching for joy, wanting to love and feel loved, then uncovering it in unusual places and in the smallest, hidden things in life. Magnified under rocks and stones, it explores connecting with nature and your surroundings as opposed to other people – focusing on autonomy, new beginnings and feeling bewitched”.

Jean Weaver and band play Dolans this Saturday May 11. Don’t miss this one!