Live at the Docklands Festival launch – New album, new sound from Hermitage Green

Hermitage Green played an unplugged set at Dolans Terrace to launch Live at the Docklands.

DOCKLANDS Festival is set for August 23-25. This year’s lineup includes Dec Pierce’s Block Rockin Beats, now sold out, a performance of the world’s biggest dance anthems featuring a DJ set with full live band, on Friday August 23. 

On Saturday August 24 Limerick’s own Hermitage Green along with special guests will be a highlight. 

With over 23 million albums sold worldwide and a plethora of awards the city welcomes James Blunt on Sunday August 25 for his first ever Limerick performance.

Launching this year’s festival in Dolans, Mayor of the City and County of Limerick Gerald Mitchell praised the Dolans family and staff for all the work they do to confirm Limerick City as a “true live music hub as well as a sporting hub. Let’s embrace these live concerts, find our voices and make memories that last a lifetime.”

Hermitage Green played an unplugged set on Dolans Upper Deck. 

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The band have just returned from their most recent Australian tour, but there was no sign of jet lag as the quintet effortlessly harmonised through the new single ‘Drifting’. They are a band that make a quality performance look easy and Dan and Barry sat down with Limerick Post for a chat afterwards.

The duo admit that the Aussie trip brought a few curveballs, with Barry getting a chest infection and they had to cope with some last minute changes in the set but the audience were well up for the show.

“There was something more emotional about this trip than I’ve experienced in the past. You recognise how difficult it is for people to be that far from home. They were three of the best gigs we’ve ever played there. Even though I couldn’t sing it was more about the connection you have with the crowd.”

Dan adds, “Irish people and Aussies have a cultural affinity. We always feel at home down there, great craic, great culture. And the didgeridoo being such a prominent part of our band, we’ve got that kind of connection as well.”

Hermitage Green have a new album recorded and ready for release. The new single Drifting has a fresh sound, introducing electronic and rock elements and the band has taken its time with the recording process which is based in Limerick. 

“We’ve been experimenting with a lot of synths and electronic music for the last three or four years.

“And it just sort of naturally found its way. And with us there’s so many different influences and tastes. And we all write and we all do different stuff. So the melting pot is always changing.”

The band are working with Limerick musician/producer Cillian King for this new record. 

“Cillian is amazing. We’ve known each other for a long time. With the album, it took us 18 months to record it.  But because it was in Limerick, we kind of gave ourselves the luxury of just doing it really slowly and trying lots of different things.”

“We’re very proud of it. It is really different and is probably going to surprise a lot of people.”

The band would usually book a studio and record an album in a few weeks, but this time with Cillian on board as producer, they all took the time needed to complete the job.

Barry adds that having a producer on board for the 18 months made a big difference.

“You can never find a producer that has that much time to work on your album. And this is the kind of synergy we have with Killian, not only is he one of our closest friends, and he understands us more than any other musician. 

“He is starting out in his journey as a producer. So he’s like, this is my first proper body of work. I can dedicate 18 months to this.”

Hermitage Green have released three singles from the upcoming album with more to be brought out over the coming months leading up to the gig in Docklands.

The album title and very special guests joining the band for their Dock Road show will be announced shortly.

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