Helpful Limerick neighbour foils bathroom copper caper

Stock photo.

A HELPFUL neighbour in Limerick prevented young thieves from making away with expensive bathroom fittings while a Ballysimon home was empty during renovations.

Gardaí in Limerick praised the Ballysimon woman, in her early 60s, who spotted the broad daylight crime while she was in her back garden feeding her dogs.

Sergeant Ber Leetch, crime prevention officer at Henry Street Garda Station, said that the crime was stopped short at around 5.40pm on May 8 when the woman heard “noise coming from the house next door” as she was outside feeding her pets.

Knowing her neighbour’s home to be empty as it was undergoing renovations, the watchful neighbour went over to the house, Sergeant Leetch said, and “saw two young lads aged roughly 12 years old in the back bathroom”.

“She could see that the back door was open and two copper boilers had been ripped from the bathroom. The sink had also been ripped off the wall, causing damage,” Sergeant Leetch said.

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“The youths ran from the house in different directions once they saw her, but nothing was taken. Entry had been gained through a rear window that had been left open.”

The Henry Street crime prevention officer explained that “criminals will often look for lead or copper in building or renovation sites”, and warned homeowners to “store these out of sight and securely”.

She added that “it is also a good idea to introduce yourself to your new neighbours and ask them to ring you if they see anything suspicious”.