Fianna Fáil mayoral candidate pledges fresh focus on housing

Mayoral candidate Dee Ryan outside the proposed surgical hub at Scoil Carmel.

FIANNA Fáil mayoral candidate for this June’s elections, Dee Ryan, has promised a fresh focus on housing if elected to the mayoral hot seat.

Ms Ryan said that as mayor, she would bring a fresh approach to tackle vacancy, dereliction, and the ongoing undersupply of all types of housing across Limerick.

“Limerick is suffering from an undersupply of housing. During my time as CEO of Limerick Chamber, research undertaken showed that Limerick requires about 2,400 new homes per annum, while only circa 800 were built last year. As a result, I am meeting young adults daily, trapped in their childhood bedrooms, as well as young families unable to afford their own home,” Ms Ryan said.

The Fianna Fáil hopeful pledged that, if elected, she would do everything in her remit to increase supply of homes over the mayor’s term.

“It is not fair that a whole generation of Limerick people in their 20s and 30s are missing out on, or delaying, important milestones like moving out and buying their own home.”

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Speaking about how the mayor can influence housing policy, Ms Ryan said that the local authority has an important role to play in bringing forward affordable homes.

“While Housing for All is the government’s national housing strategy, regional implementation of the policy is crucial, particularly in Limerick with a younger than average population. The directly-elected mayor has a critical role to play in the solutions,” she explained.

Ms Ryan said she will use her platform as mayor to influence housing policy.