T.A. Narrative do big bop on Caught Out

LIMERICK electro/rockers T.A. Narrative will release the new single ‘Caught Out’ on May 31.

The duo do big bop on Caught Out. Owing as much to disco and 00’s Robyn and GaGa bangers as it does to their electro/punk sound, this track is destined for big speakers on summer days and dancefloors after dark.

The song came about quite fast one evening when Tara and Anna were having a, “handstand competition in Tara’s kitchen”. Fellow Limerick producer Chris Kirby brought his production skills to the track to create an exciting buzzing soundscape.

Speaking about the lyrics, Tara states: “I wrote this as an observer, witnessing someone engaging in the addictive state of infatuation, and the destruction that followed. While I claim to be an outside observer, I can’t help but see parallels between their behaviour, my own experiences, and the larger societal, environmental, and global issues we all face.”

Caught Out was recorded and produced by Chris Kirby, mixed by Chris Pawlusek and mastered by Richard Dowling at Wav Mastering.

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